Kia Niro Hybrid Recalled Again

The Niro Hybrid, the car that Kia recalled because it caught fire a few years ago, has been recalled again. According to Kia’s report, some authorized services have not even replaced the defective parts.

South Korean automaker Kia, at an event it held in the past weeks 2023 model Sorento‘ and the vehicle received great acclaim. In the past months introduced earlier this year The 2023 model Kira Niro was officially launched in our country.

However, the most popular models of Niro 2017 and 2018 models in the past with fire hazard He was recalled by Kia. catching fire in traffic It turned out that these vehicles were not properly repaired and the risk of fire still continued.

We also have these vehicles in our country.

Although it is very popular abroad, Niro’s 2017 and 2018 models, which we do not see much in traffic in our country, are in traffic and in traffic due to the faulty parts used in the hybrid drivetrain. He was especially famous for catching fire while waiting at a red light.. After this problem, which was seen in different countries around the world, Kia recalled the vehicles in 2018 for service maintenance and replaced the drivetrain free of charge. However, according to Kia’s statement today, the risk of ignition of vehicles still continues.

According to Kia’s statement today, the company received complaints that the same models were also catching fire after the maintenance process and started to investigate the issue. After this long detailed investigation, Kia officials revealed that these vehicles were not properly repaired. According to reports, the authorized services either replace the vehicles with new parts sent by Kia instead of replacing them. was replacing with old and faulty parts or not replacing at all and reporting as “replaced”. Of course, since it was determined that this situation seriously endangered the user’s safety, the vehicles were urgently recalled again.


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If you own a 2017 or 2018 Kia Niro Hybrid, go to the nearest Kia dealer. you need to have your parts checked. If your parts are not replaced with updated parts You can benefit from free service.

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