JPMorgan Made Another Collaboration on Digital Tokens

Financial industry giants JPMorgan and Apollo have produced proofs of concept to show how asset managers can tokenize funds.

JPMorgan and Apollo, asset managers their own choice worked with several blockchain companies to demonstrate how they could tokenize funds through a blockchain.

In the study, Axelar, Oasis Pro and Provenance Blockchain collaborated with JPMorgan’s Onyx Digital Assets to see how large-scale customers’ portfolios can be managed, how transactions can be carried out, and how portfolios of tokenized assets can be managed automatically.

In the study using Provenance Blockchain Zone, assets were turned into tokens by Oasis Pro.

This collaboration is carried out by MAS, Singapore’s central bank. ProjectGuardian was carried out as part of the project. In the project progressing with the participation of traditional financial institutions decentralized finance It is examined what opportunities (DeFi) offers and the risks it poses.

During the proof of concept, asset managers were able to take new positions and rebalance their positions with tokenized assets across different blockchains.

Onyx used the Axelar network to work in harmony with Provenance Blockchain’s private blockchain.

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