JPMorgan CEO Talks About Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Jamie Dimon, CEO of US banking giant JPMorgan, evaluated blockchain technology in a separate category while reiterating his statements that Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies are a fraud tool.

Jamie Dimon at the World Economic Forum on January 19 in an interview he gaveBitcoin “an exaggerated scam” He repeated his statements that of bitcoin because it goes to zero The CEO, who said he was sure, “pet rocks” even more of your toys It works argued that. emerged in the 70’s “petrocks” toys quickly became popular and then only in as little as 6 months had disappeared.

In the past, many statements of Bitcoin to illegal activities based money exchange facilitate except for only one scam tool that and any to intrinsic value owner not expressed the CEO, blockchain technology Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in a separate category highlighted the need for evaluation.

Dimon, on the other hand, is interested in the knowledge of blockchain technology. security and confirmability in terms of important a technology and its recent usage areas may spread stated.

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