Jasmin Tawil at the “Unbreakable” kick-off: Bitter words about her son’s father – TV

This self-discovery trip leaves no one indifferent …

In the new Vox documentary “Unbreakable – We make you strong”, ten celebrities face their inner demons and personal blows of fate. Some, including ex-GZSZ star Jasmin Tawil (39), brought the first episode to the emotional limit.

The participants also include such well-known TV faces as the actors Hardy Krüger jr. (53), Christian Kahrmann (49), Mimi Fiedler (46) and Eric Stehfest (32), professional dancer Ekaterina Leonova (34) and boxer Susi Kentikian (34).

In the Croatian wilderness, with no contact to the outside world, the candidates want to overcome exhausting tasks and declare war on their deep-seated fears. They are accompanied by a professional team with military and psychological training. A reality show has never been so tough!

Even getting started is not for the faint of heart. All ten are led to a jetty with hoods over their heads, only then do they find out who their comrades-in-arms are. Melee trainer Markus von Hauff explains: “You can’t see anything, smell nothing, hear badly. You have to concentrate on the essentials – on yourself and your inner strength. “

Professional dancer Ekaterina Leonova (34) takes pleasure in the sporting challenges.Photo: RTL

Anyone who takes part here has had to go through a lot in life. The prelude was a soul striptease. Christian Kahrmann, for example, fell ill with corona at the beginning of the year and was in the intensive care unit in an artificial coma for 17 days. During that time, his father died of Covid-19. Kahrmann’s mother died of cancer in June.

The series star on “Unbreakable”: “The wounds are still pretty fresh on me. You’re still bleeding. If some wounds close here, that would be great. ”His colleague Mimi Fiedler has also had painful experiences.

The actress was addicted to alcohol for years, told the show how she often came to the set hungover. “I stood on the balcony of my filming apartment and did what I did so often for ten years at the ‘Tatort’: I had six cans of beer in front of me and threw them away in two hours.” Her goal: ” I want to be a better version of myself. “

Jasmin Tawil also had a lot to deal with. She found it difficult to cope with the divorce from pop singer Adel Tawil (43) in 2014, emigrated, was briefly homeless and struggled with depression. During the introductory round, Jasmin said tearfully: “I have had the wrong men in my life. That’s why I’m so alone now. Because I’m totally afraid of men. “

Mimi Fiedler, Eric Stehfest and Monika Sozanska (from left) are ready for the first morning roll call on the stepping stone

Mimi Fiedler, Eric Stehfest and Monika Sozanska (from left) are ready for the first morning roll call on the stepping stonePhoto: RTL

The actress has long since ceased to have a good relationship with the father of her little son Ocean (2). The globetrotter told her colleagues on the show: “He never visited me in Costa Rica.” Before that, he had left her alone with the little one in Mexico. Jasmin replies bitterly: “No.”

The former series actress seems all the more to enjoy the support of the other participants. Everyone here wants to make peace with their past. Talks and challenges should help. What Tawil could not know at the time: Shortly after filming, she met and fell in love with her new friend Miquele (38) from Venice.

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