Japanese Tourist Touring the World for 12 Years Was Stabbed in Elazig

Shogan Kameda, who was camping in the Sivrice district of Elazig during his world tour on his bike from Japan, was attacked with a knife by an unidentified person while brushing his teeth.

About that 12 Shogan Kameda, a 45-year-old Japanese citizen who jumped on his bike a year ago, has been on a world tour ever since. After traveling many countries TurkeyBefore Kameda came to Musto and from there Elazigpassed to. According to the testimony of Kameda, who camped in the Sivrice district of Elazig, the traveler brushed his teeth. unidentified was attacked out of nowhere by someone.

112 emergency health and safety support was immediately sent to the scene as people nearby rushed to help. After the first medical intervention by the officials, Kameda was transferred to Elazig Fethi Sekin City Hospital.

Stabbed while brushing his teeth:

Kameda, who is still being treated in the hospital to which she was transferred, stated that she was attacked while brushing her teeth at the campsite. Saying that he went on a world tour from Japan, Kaneda explained the event as follows:

At first I was walking. I traveled to places such as Malaysia and China on foot. A girlfriend in China gave me a bike. Then I started to travel around China by bicycle. I was just brushing teeth. I don’t know why he got mad at me and stabbed me. I have been in Turkey with my bike for 10 months. The last time I came to Elazig. I was stabbed near Lake Hazar, Elazig. We didn’t fight, he suddenly stabbed me. While I was outside brushing my teeth or washing my clothes, I guess the Turks were angry with me; Turkish and Japanese culture is very, very different. I was brushing my teeth, I don’t know why I got stabbed. I don’t know what to do from here. My trip to Turkey is over. My leg hurts a lot. I’ve been traveling around the world for 12 years without money. I usually stayed in a tent, sometimes at my friend’s house; but mostly i lived in tents.

Police hunt for unidentified suspect to the studies started.

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