It Was Discovered For The First Time That A Cat To Human Is Infected With Covid-19

It turned out that a veterinarian in Thailand caught the Covid-19 virus from a cat. This situation, which was encountered for the first time in the history of the virus, occurred when the cat sneezed in the veterinarian’s face.

While Covid-19 is slowly losing its effect all over the world, research on the virus is still ongoing. Moreover, these studies can sometimes come up with interesting results. so far in thailand encountered for the first time one case once again made us question what we know about the virus.

Especially since the beginning of the virus, animals such as cats, dogs, mice, etc. infecting a person with covid-19 had not been seen. However, it was reported by experts that they should be prepared just in case and that they could be carriers.

Transmitted from cat to human for the first time

A veterinarian in Thailand during the examination caught the Covid-19 virus from a cat sneezing in his face. Although there is no definite information, it is thought that the owners of the cat also had Covid-19 at that time. However, this is not the only surprising part of this information that has emerged as a result of research, because the veterinarian says that he wears a mask during the examination. However, experts underline that masks should not be contented with during such examinations and that face shields such as visors should be used.

The Covid-19 virus, which was transmitted to the veterinarian from a cat, is thought to be the first case ever passed from a cat to a human. Experts, once again, are just like our little friends. that they can be carriers like us underlines. We can say that this case in Thailand is proof that these warnings of experts were not in vain. Although we seem to be getting through, Covid-19 cases still continue to be seen. In this and similar viruses, we can take precautions so that viruses do not spread further around us by staying away from our friends as much as possible.


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