“It Was Announced That 2K Acquired the Rights of FIFA Games” Claim

Allegations that FIFA, which parted ways with EA, announced that it had agreed with 2K for the game rights caused confusion on social media. So where did these rumors come from?

FIFA with Electronic ArtsAfter terminating their agreements that had been going on for nearly 30 years, Fifaannounced that he would release his own games. While EA continues its path with the EA Sports FC brand, the future moves from FIFA have been wondered for a long time. Allegedly, FIFA, for the games in question 2K He collaborated with.

This claim quickly became trending on social media:




The interesting thing is that Kurakasis does not make any “statement” in his post, contrary to what the gaming pages in Turkey share. The only source of the allegations that 2K and FIFA have reached an agreement is Kurakasis. Instead of saying 2002, he wrote 2K2. In other words, it is not a statement but rather a reading of intent. In fact, no reliable ‘foreign’ game page has reported the issue, and the Reddit thread opened on the subject was removed by the moderators.

Yes, since the agreement between EA and FIFA ended KONAMI And 2K Their names often find themselves in rumors, and there is no doubt that Kurakasis is referring to the possible 2K – FIFA agreement in this post. In fact, perhaps the two companies are about to reach an agreement and this is the reason for this post by Kurakasis. However, let us underline that there is no finalized agreement at the moment and no statement has been made.

The post that caused confusion was as follows:

kurasis tweet

“My favorite FIFA game.
2K2, sorry, FIFA World Cup 2002″

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