It Revealed When Apple’s Car Will Release

New developments have emerged regarding Apple’s automobile project. Bloomberg announced that the most important milestones of the project, which has been going on for years, have been exceeded. In addition, the date of the car’s release seems to have been announced.

US-based technology giant Apple automobile project It is a well-known fact that he has been working on it for a long time. Although the secretive attitude of the company prevents us from knowing about this subject, the claims made from time to time and the patents created last week. concept design, now the project at a certain level beyond reveals that.

A news in Bloomberg is about Apple’s automobile project. new developments revealed. According to information obtained from names close to the project, the company has increased gear for the car. Moreover, according to sources, the most important milestone for Apple Car has already been completed. So much so that Apple developed its most advanced chip for automobile project and this chip works perfectly.

Apple’s car could launch in 2025

According to Bloomberg’s sources, the release date set by Apple for the automobile project is 2025. However, this process can be taken further. Because the company evaluated two possibilities for the automobile project. The first of these is the one we see in various brands today. partially autonomous driving system. The other is a fully autonomous driving system that can follow the determined rotation without the need for a driver. Apple prefers the second possibility, and for this prefers the year 2025 is expressed. However, if the vehicle is wanted to be released as soon as possible; Partially autonomous driving system is preferred. before 2025 possible to market.


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According to the information obtained, steering wheel and pedals in Apple’s fully autonomous car won’t happen. However, the developer team is working on an alternative control system so that control can be taken in possible emergencies. How will this be for now? not sure. In addition, the interior design of the vehicle will be like a limousine, sitting facing each other is expressed. It is not known for now when an announcement will be made about all these.

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