It Has Been Announced When the Harry Potter Series Will Come

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav announced when they plan to release the Harry Potter series.

Warner Bros. While Discovery combined Discovery+ and HBO Max under the name “Max” in April 2023, it announced many new productions. Perhaps the most striking of these is It was the Harry Potter series.

So far, we have seen very little information about the series, which will be signed by HBO, which we know with many successful productions. However, today this situation has changed and a statement has been made from Warner Bros. that will excite the fans.

Harry Potter series will debut in 2026

Warner Bros. CEO of Discovery David Zaslav, spoke about the Harry Potter series at the company’s fourth quarter meeting. Expressing that they are very excited for the production, Zaslav said that the series They plan to publish it on Max in 2026. he stated.

In addition, the CEO stated that a few weeks ago, he met with Casey Bloys, head of content side of HBO and Max, and Channing Dungey, head of Warner Bros.’ television department, in London for the series. Zaslav, author of three books He met JK Rowling transferred. This may be an indication that more information may be coming soon.


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Harry Potter series will last 7 seasons and remain faithful to each book

According to the statements made so far, the series sticking to the books It will appear as a production. spanning 10 years, 7 seasons, each covering a book a series We’ll see. HBO says the characters will also be explored in depth.

The cast of the series is still unknown

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

There is no development yet regarding the cast of Harry Potter. HBO had said that completely new names would be cast in the roles. We do not know who will be there, but the company states that it is looking for people who will best represent the series.

No statement has been made yet about the writers and creator of the series. However, we know that JK Rowling will have an important role in the production. HBO is currently in talks with many writers. According to Deadline, Francesca Gardiner, who worked on the 3rd and 4th seasons of Succession, is one of the writers considered for Harry Potter. We will inform you when a definitive statement comes.


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Harry Potter series trailer

The Harry Potter series is still in its very early stages. So it’s just the logo, Hogwarts and the iconic music. announcement trailer there is. We will see the first trailer and visuals when the cast of the series is determined and the shooting is done. However, it must be said that this will not happen anytime soon.


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