Is the data on the phone you sold really deleted?

Setting out with the goal of becoming a domestic market place for refurbished electronic products, Easycep took an important step towards increasing its service quality by receiving 9 million lira seed investment from national and international angel investors and companies in April 2021. With Easycep and Bitdefender, which offer this service in our country, is the data on the phone you sell really deleted? We learned the answer to his question from the most authoritative names.

Is the data on the phone you sold really deleted?

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In Easycep, where refurbished electronic products are exhibited, many products from mobile phones to computers, tablets, smart watches and accessories categories can be viewed and directly purchased.

While transactions can be made on to sell or exchange phones, customers can also do this from the store if they want to speed up the process. In addition, as a result of the test performed on the device to be sold in the store, a definite price offer is offered to the customer.

Of course, there are some question marks on the customer’s side in this shopping. Do refurbished phones really reset? Does the previous owner or owners’ use constitute a risk factor for the new customer? We talked to Easycep CEO Mehmet Akif Özdemir and Bitdefender-Laykom IT Operations Director Alev Akkoyunlu.

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