Is “Electronic Vote Counting” More Advantageous or With Ballot Box?

If you think of ballot boxes and election results when you think of elections, you are not alone. But election methods are not just about ballot boxes.

Türkiye, which switched to a multi-party electoral system in 1946, since 1946 It uses a ballot box system for ballot counting.

But elections are not just about ballot boxes. What about vote counts in elections around the world? How being carried out?

First of all, let’s talk about the most traditional method, the chest system.

A ballot box where votes are collected in Canada

This election method is based on collecting and counting the votes in the ballot boxes. Briefly ballot box counting we can also say.

ballot box counting, of the state And people at the polls, a method of counting votes for which he takes full responsibility. In short, not only the vote count, but also how and by whom the vote is counted is a factor.

A ballot box in Israel

For some this method the most efficient For some, the state in this system it costs too much and the results unless there is trust in those standing at the polls. suspiciously can be approached. It should be noted that as long as the states provide the necessary precautions and transparency in this regard, there is no problem other than the costs.

The ballot box is the only system we are really familiar with in Turkey. Its functionality is debated today, but that’s how all our choices have been so far.

Türkiye ballot box election

We all know more or less about the vote counting system in Turkey. This system is determined by the state and usually near our address where we vote in an educational institution, collected and counted in certain centers. a system.

As there has not been much change in the system since 1946, while voting is taking place all over the country. Because it is difficult to provide equal conditions for everyone It is not easy to embark on new breakthroughs. Although the idea of ​​switching to electronic election and vote counting method is on the agenda from time to time, it cannot be said that a serious step has been taken in this regard yet.

We mentioned that not everything is about ballot boxes. For example, Estonia is a country that has broken new ground by performing vote counts online since 2005.

Estonian electronic selection

This selection method electronic selection method can also be tried. Estonia is the most famous country for this method, which is also tried by countries such as the USA and Belgium. The country, which has adopted this method since 2005, has its own system “i-voting” in states other than Estonia “e-votingis referred to as “.


Thanks to the electronic selection method, most states, including Estonia, to determine polling staff And without the need to collect crates can make choices with greater efficiency.

The electronic selection method is also not perfect and hassle-free.

Electronic voting

As you can imagine, the electronic selection method is corruption or hacking It is a method that is approached with suspicion by some due to its possibilities. For example, in Estonia’s 2021 elections, the system will tell the first 900 voters about the election. incorrect information and voters cast their votes based on false information.

Another interesting case is that in Belgium’s 2003 elections, the Sun was a combination of ions from a solar storm. hit the voting machine and one of the candidates 4000 extra votes gain. The fact that voting machines are so sensitive and susceptible to possible attacks may require rethinking the entire system.

It would not be wrong to say that a mixed system is applied in the USA.

Voting in the USA

Today in the USA both boxed and electronic vote counting. Although the system is mostly efficient and functional, in 2020, Donald Trump’s election by claiming to be dubious its legitimacy began to be questioned by conservative voters.

In short, both methods have their own flaws and disadvantages. Which of these systems would you prefer to use in vote counting? Which method seems safer to you?


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