Is Bitcoin Creator Back?

The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious figure behind the world’s oldest cryptocurrency, remains mysterious. In fact, it remains arguably one of the biggest mysteries in crypto. Although a significant amount of time has passed since the original Bitcoin whitepaper was published, the identity of its author is still debated. However, today, an X account using the name ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, which stopped sharing about 5 years ago, became active again.

Will Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto appear?

One of the most mysterious events in the crypto world undoubtedly remains the identity of the Bitcoin creator. Many people have claimed that he is the mysterious figure we know as Satoshi Nakamoto. However, we never learned his true identity. However, there was a very interesting development today. The X account with the username ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, which last posted on October 31, 2018, took to the stage with a post today. The account we mentioned published the following post:

Bitcoin is a predicate machine. In the following months, we will explore different aspects that are not explicitly included in the ‘white paper’. These aspects are all part of Bitcoin and important. Some of these ideas were touched upon in the early years. Now it is time to develop and explain these ideas.

Interestingly, this post exceeded 1 million views in a short time. Additionally, the number of followers of the account began to increase.

Claims that Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto are questioned

The ongoing saga surrounding Australian computer scientist Craig Wright, who claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin, appears to be unraveling. Recent developments suggest that Wright is moving away from the controversial claims of his remaining allies. Former close associates of Craig Wrights want Wrights to prove that he is really Satoshi Nakamoto. One of the most significant blows came from Christen Ager-Hanssen, former Group CEO of nChain Global. Ager-Hanssen publicly announced his departure from the organization. Ager-Hanssen’s departure not only shed light on internal conflicts within nChain, but also raised doubts about Wright’s claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of fake Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, Christen Ager-Hanssen expressed her belief on social media that Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto. Ager-Hanssen claimed that Wright manipulated documents to deceive the court that he was the inventor of Bitcoin. He also made a serious accusation that further damaged Wright’s credibility. In a leaked email purportedly from Calvin Ayre, another prominent supporter and financier of Craig Wright’s efforts, Ayre expressed deep skepticism and dissatisfaction with Wright’s legal disputes and the authenticity of his claims. Ayre expressed his concerns about the ongoing case, emphasizing that Wright must sign the Bitcoin issued by Satoshi Nakamoto for the COPA case to succeed. Ayre announced that if he did not do so, he would withdraw his support and funding of Wright’s legal fight.

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