iPhone models without charger were recalled!

The Brazilian Ministry of Justice decided to suspend iPhone sales in the country last September, concluding that Apple was harming consumers by not providing the power adapter supplied with the device. While there was no action from Apple after this decision, the Brazilian government took another step.

iPhone models recalled in Brazil

Even after the million-dollar fines, Apple still hasn’t complied with this decision. Following these developments, the Federal District-based consumer protection board decided to seize iPhones from retail stores in Brazil.

According to the report, the iPhones are confiscated at carrier stores and authorized Apple retailers. According to the decision, all iPhone models without a charger in the box are banned. Although Apple stopped shipping accessories with the iPhone 12 for free, the company also updated the iPhone 11 with a new, more compact case without a dee charger.

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Following the confiscation of iPhones, Apple Brazil asked the government to allow the sale of smartphones in the country until a final decision is made. On the other hand, some officials believe that Apple does not violate any consumer rights.

Judge Diego Câmara Alves states that the Brazilian institutions “abuse their power” with such a decision. Like-minded Apple is confident that it will emerge victorious as a result of the legal process.

On the other hand, Apple TV is offered without a USB-C cable in many other regions, while in Brazil it is offered with a charging cable. After these negativities, Apple may take a step back and follow a similar path for iPhone models.

It seems that Apple’s presentation of its products with a box without accessories will continue to be discussed in the coming years. So what do you think about Apple selling its products without a charger? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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