iPhone Factory Workers Clash With Police

Tension escalates at the iPhone factory in China, which was quarantined due to COVID-19. According to the latest news, there are armed clashes between the workers and the police in the region.

in our lives since 2019. COVID-19 pandemic is no longer the main agenda item for many countries. However, the situation is quite different in China, known as the epicenter of the virus. There are still very serious restrictions in the country and this world of technology It directly affects almost every industry.

As known Chinese, the world’s number one technology manufacturer. Today, almost all companies like Apple or Samsung do business with China. Recent developments reveal that the latest restriction decisions will affect Apple the most. Because it is one of Apple’s most important suppliers. foxconnThe environment where ‘s factory is located in the Zhengzhou region of China is quarantined by the Chinese government.

There are clashes between the factory workers and the police!

*A view from the region where the factory is located.

It is possible to say that the news from the region is terrible. Because China’s social media In some of the images shared on their platforms, there is a conflict between the workers who want to leave the factory and the police. conflicts take place can be seen. In addition, the security guards of the factory do not allow workers to leave the factory. In images that are no longer available, extreme violence is stated to be.

Violence against the rioting employee can be seen in one video:

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