iPhone 16 Pro Max Will Be the iPhone with the Longest Battery Life

A new leak has emerged regarding the Pro models of the iPhone 16 family. While the leak says that the screen will be larger in the Pro model, it also claims that a record will be broken in terms of battery life with the Pro Max model.

We expect it to be released in September iPhone 16 family As it gets closer, new leaks about the phones emerge. A new post made by the user named “yeux1122” on Naver, based on supply chain sources, shows us information about Pro models.

According to the post, the screen on the iPhone 16 Pro It grew to 6.3 inches We’ll see. The 15’s screen was 6.1 inches. Enlargement of the device case, new and improved optical zoom capabilities will enable it to offer. A 5x telephoto camera was used for the first time in the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The claim also suggests that this camera can be offered in the iPhone 16 family, not only in Pro Max but also in Pro.

Battery life of iPhone 16 Pro Max may reach 30 hours or more, breaking a record for iPhones

It is said that the growth in the device will not be very noticeable, but we will see larger frames than the Galaxy S24. If in battery similar size or slightly larger There is a possibility that we will see a battery. This is important because we have not seen much information about the battery of the Pro models until now.

The leak says that we will see significant improvements in the energy consumption of the iPhone 16 Pro. He adds that both this and the growth of the battery will benefit the Pro Max model the most. According to the information obtained by the user, iPhone 16 Pro Max, has the longest battery life ever It could be an iPhone. The iPhone 15 Pro Max had around 29 hours of battery life. In the new model, this period 30 hours or more It may come out.

There are claims that the battery size will increase by 5%. Although this may not seem very big, we can predict that life will be extended with improvements in energy consumption. Let’s say that last year’s Pro Max had a 4,441 mAh battery. So in the new one 4.676mAh There may be a battery nearby.

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