iPhone 16 Pro battery capacity revealed

AppleUnlike most manufacturers in the industry, its products are fully features does not prefer to share. For example, in the iPhone family, critical details such as battery capacity and RAM are not presented to users. Here, we gain information about such issues thanks to the reports shared by reliable names in the industry. Finally, the battery capacity of the iPhone 16 Pro model, which is planned to be introduced next year, has been revealed.

iPhone 16 Pro battery capacity revealed

Kosutami, known for his leaks in the industry, recently iPhone 16 Pro He shared important information and images from the early production process of the model. Accordingly, the upcoming smartphone 3.274mAh‘ness with battery will appear before the user. To compare with the previous model a small increase of 2.48 percent It is possible to say that it is.

Battery capacity is not the only important detail in the shared images. Because in the images, we see that the battery has a frosted metal coating and a redesigned connector. So, in this case, we can say that there are important advantages that increase battery performance, such as better heat dissipation. Moreover, it is stated that this battery will have a Graphene cooling system that has been tested by the company for a while.

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The 16 features expected to be included in the iPhone 16 family are as follows:

  1. Larger Screens: Expectations include larger screens for the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max, measuring 6.3 inches and 6.9 inches respectively.
  2. Camera Layout: Rumors suggest that the standard iPhone 16 models will return to a vertical camera layout similar to the design of the iPhone 12 and 12 mini.
  3. Capture Button: All iPhone 16 models may offer a new physical “Capture Button,” although its exact function has not been disclosed.
  4. 48 Megapixel Ultra Wide Lens: iPhone 16 Pro models are predicted to feature an upgraded 48-megapixel Ultra Wide camera lens for improved photo resolution and detail, especially in 0.5× mode.
  5. Super Telephoto Camera: iPhone 16 Pro Max could usher in a super-telephoto periscope camera that offers significantly increased optical zoom and continues differentiation in the “Pro” series.
  6. Wi-Fi 7 Support: Pro models are expected to include Wi-Fi 7, which facilitates data transfer over 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands simultaneously for improved Wi-Fi speeds and reliability.
  7. A18 Pro Chip: A new generation A18 Pro chip, produced with TSMC’s second generation 3nm process known as N3E and promising improved performance, is expected.
  8. Advanced 5G: Pro models may feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X75 modem and provide faster and more power-efficient 5G connectivity on networks that support “5G Advanced.”
  9. 5x Optical Zoom: Both iPhone 16 Pro models are currently available It is likely to feature 5x optical zoom, a feature exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro Max.
  10. Solid State Buttons: Apple may address previous technical challenges by adding solid-state volume, power, and mute buttons to Pro models.
  11. Micro Lens Technology: The iPhone 16’s OLED display panels may feature brighter micro-lens technology and a more power-efficient set of materials.
  12. Action Button: Following the iPhone 15 Pro models, an “Action Button” may be added to the standard 16 models in 2024.
  13. A17 Chips: The iPhone 16 and 16 Plus are expected to have an A17 chip, although it is not the same as the A17 Pro chip in the iPhone 15 Pro models.
  14. Artificial Intelligence Features: While new Siri features supported by major language models are expected in iOS 18, on-device artificial intelligence features are likely to remain exclusive to iPhone 16 models.
  15. Stack Battery Technology: Rumor has it that the 16 Pro models will use stacked battery technology, potentially providing higher capacity and longer lifespan.
  16. Ultra Model: Apple may introduce a higher-end Ultra model sold alongside the standard and Pro models, featuring additional camera improvements, a larger display, and possibly a port-less design.

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