iPhone 15 titanium frames come out of the box damaged!

The iPhone 15 series, which is at the center of everyone’s attention with its titanium frames, is now available for pre-order and then on sale. Many users who enthusiastically bought the iPhone 15 were met with great disappointment. The devices came out of the box damaged. So how did these damages occur? Is there a problem on the production line? Here are the damaged iPhone 15 models…

Are titanium frames really durable? Here are the iPhone 15 Pro models that came out of the box damaged!

This issue, which emerged with a post on Twitter, received reactions from many circles. Users are quite surprised that a device, which is really expensive and whose titanium frames are highlighted as “durable”, comes out damaged in the box. Damages are generally seen on parts of the devices such as frame, camera glass and back glass.

It is stated in the posts that this situation stands out in 3 major markets. Damaged iPhones are on the agenda in the United States, China and European markets. There are scratches on the screens of the devices, damage to the frames that may occur due to falling, bubbles and faded areas on the painted surfaces. These cosmetic problems are likely to be resolved, but there are also models with scratched camera lenses.

Apple announced: If you use the iPhone 15 without a case, its color changes!

Unexpected news came from the iPhone 15 Pro series. The color of the devices becomes lighter. Apple’s expensive cloth seems to solve the problem. Here are the details

An iPhone 15 Pro model is one of the devices that managed to sell itself especially with its camera features. It is a serious problem for such a device to have a scratched camera lens. Apple did not provide a support message or statement regarding the issue. But the devices need to be replaced. Similar problems were experienced in previous iPhone models. Damage may occur to some devices on the market due to a mishap in a production batch.

The best thing to do on this issue is to open the box and examine the device in front of a customer representative without leaving the Apple Store after purchasing the device. In this way, any damage to the device can be noticed by the Apple Store employee and replaced.

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