Investing in Animal Feed Company from Bill Gates!

Bill Gates has invested in a company in Australia that is trying to stop herbivores from burping and gassing. Although it sounds like a joke, it should be said with confidence that the investment made was the right decision. So why?

Those who continue to deal with charitable works after withdrawing from the business world. Bill GatesHe did a strange job. Gates decided to invest in Rumin8, an Australian-based company that works to regulate the digestive systems of herbivorous animals. With this move, Gates will support the work done. It may sound like a joke but Rumin8works to prevent animals from burping and gassing.

Herbivorous animals occasionally methane gas released Therefore, they are at the center of the discussions. As a matter of fact, this is not wrong. Herbivorous animals such as cows, goats and deer release a large amount of methane gas due to their digestive systems. There is even some scientific research on it. According to studies conducted in the USA, the emission of methane gas across the country 37 percent from livestock. This 86.2 percent A huge portion, like cattle, originates from cattle. Of course, this statistic does not mean that it is necessary to kill animals to avoid global warming.

Bill Gates decided to invest in a company that was trying to overcome this exact problem!

Rumin8, a synthetic version of red seaweed, measures the amount of methane gas emitted by cattle. thinks it will reduce. According to the company, synthetic food reaching the digestive system will inhibit the enzymes that cause methane formation, thus reducing methane emissions. Actually, this approach is correct. Because similar studies have been carried out before and it has been determined that the methane gas released by animals was seen falling. However, the cattle did not accept the feed because they did not like the salty taste of the seaweed. Rumin8, swear to make your taste better it also works.


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Rumin8 recently raised $12 million in its investment round. A certain part of this money was also given by Bill Gates. In the statement made by General Manager David Messina, it was not disclosed how much money Gates gave, but it was stated that he was pleased with the support. David Messina also said that the laboratory work was going well and that they were very close to realize the project they were working on.

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