Inventor of Hoverboard Calls 25 People for Tests!

The French inventor, who is known as the ‘Real Iron Man’ and has achieved great success with his flying skateboard, shared that he is looking for 25 people for the tests of his new vehicle. Candidates will be sent to the USA to test the new vehicle.

He succeeded in making his name known to the whole world with the hoverboard he developed andReal Iron Man‘ French inventor Franky Zapata made an announcement that would attract the attention of many. The inventor, who managed to cross the Channel with his hoverboard in the past years, shared that he is looking for 25 ‘brave volunteers’ for the tests of his newly developed flying vehicle.

The 43-year-old inventor’s new vehicle, which he sought volunteers for, was the JetRacer, a single-seat flying vehicle. The new vehicle, which is simply a human-carrying jet-powered drone, takes off with 10 jet engines. to an altitude of 10,000 feet (3 thousand meters) it can come out. The vehicle, which is made of carbon fiber and titanium, is used with two joysticks.

Candidates will be sent to the USA for testing:

According to the information shared by Zapata, 100 people will start the tests first. In this 100-person stage, which is a selection stage, candidates will pass tests including simulator tests. After these selections, 25 people came to test the vehicle first hand. It will be sent to the USA. The conditions that candidates must meet in order to participate in the tests are listed as follows:

  • be 18 years or older
  • Weighing no more than 90 kilograms
  • Submitting a declaration of medical fitness
  • Having no barriers to travel to the USA

Zapata explained why he wanted brave volunteers, saying that he was the problem:

“It is my fault. I’m afraid to go a little faster for now”

According to Zapata’s statement, the vehicle It can reach speeds of up to 250 kilometers per hour.. However, Zapata shared that he has not exceeded 130 km / h so far.


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