Interesting Products Produced by the Artificial Intelligence Fury

We have been witnessing that artificial intelligence has influenced everything and everyone for a while now. Recently, food companies’ efforts to adapt to artificial intelligence also reveal interesting views.

While we, as individuals, have adapted to intelligence, we couldn’t expect companies to fall behind this trend, right? Companies in all areas inside and outside the business from the blessings of artificial intelligence benefits.

From the increasing artificial intelligence craze day by day food industry Of course, he had his share. In fact, this situation sometimes causes us to witness quite innovative approaches. And sometimes to interesting products

Brands from our country have also surrendered to this madness. Lastly, Eti Popkek produced with artificial intelligence was on the agenda.

Popkek of the years has not been left behind by the artificial intelligence craze and has produced limited edition products. PopGPT He tried to adapt himself to this technology with his product called.

With a short commercial stating that they consulted artificial intelligence for the flavor of the new Popkek, the father of the new flavor is mentioned. artificial intelligence They say it is. So what flavor does artificial intelligence recommend? Raspberry cheesecake…

In fact, the main reason why they used artificial intelligence for the new flavor is “Look, I’m an innovator too. “I can adapt to current trends.” means. Although it is a good idea, if they took ideas from artificial intelligence and created a Popcake that was much more innovative and even combined unusual flavors, then “That’s what innovation is.” we would say. But hey, this is a start. Still, we appreciate their initiative.

Its charm is not left behind either. He also consulted artificial intelligence for packaging design.

Ülker took an innovation step and started to work on the new design of the packaging of its chocolate named Albeni. with support from artificial intelligence broke new ground in the industry.

Albeni’s target audience, the brand “trendy”, “fun” and “exciting” Stating that he introduced it with words such as, Ülker started to use three packaging designs produced by artificial intelligence with these words.

Ülker also offers a raffle campaign to consumers, and directs its customers to a survey in which they choose the one they like most among the three designs it has made. In this way, from now on Artificial intelligence designed Albeni will be on the shelves aims to be chosen by consumers.

One of the biggest criticisms of the new Albeni packages is that instead of “design” on the package, “design” Preference for the word.

We also see spices prepared by artificial intelligence: Hayfene Spice Gpt

Hayfene brand is also A principle in its category signed and consulted artificial intelligence for the new spice mix.

In this spice mixture The innovation of artificial intelligence with the traditions of Turkish cuisine The brand states that it has created a product that can be used in many dishes.

We found the idea innovative, but also the packaging design. with images produced by artificial intelligence Wouldn’t it be better if they decorated it?

Smart skin serum? The artificial intelligence craze is also going to much more controversial places.

acvit artificial intelligence skin mask

We examined the contents of this serum sold under the name “Acvit Artificial Intelligence Anti Aging Serum”.

Beautification, rejuvenation, smoothness, etc. It promises things. In the product description What role does artificial intelligence play in this product? There was no statement regarding this.

When we scanned the site, we saw the following statement for another product of the brand, sold as a smart mask; “First of all, the mask we put on our face finds the problematic part and works on that part like a construction worker. It first finds the problem and then helps restore that area to its former state. “Those who have skin problems can get rid of their problems and get smooth skin thanks to the natural ingredient artificial intelligence skin mask.”

Okay, we understand the technology you use, but Where exactly and what role does artificial intelligence play? Frankly, we couldn’t understand. In this regard, the consumer If more detailed information is given It could have been more successful in terms of building trust.

Let’s look at examples from world brands. Of course, Coca-Cola did not lag behind the artificial intelligence trend.

Coca-Cola Y3000

This limited edition product, named Coca-Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar, offers a “futuristic” experience. Coca-Cola from the future It is marketed as.

The formula for this product is said to have been uncovered by asking consumers questions about the “taste of the future.” Coca-Cola later responded with the answers they received. that they consulted artificial intelligence and he says that this is how the flavor they use in this new product emerges.

Moreover also about design They state that they have created the Coca-Cola of the future with help from artificial intelligence.

By scanning the product box with a phone, consumers can take a photo of an external environment they want with the site they access. A visual of what this environment will look like in the future They can get it.

Here is a product Use of artificial intelligence from A to Z that’s how it happens!

Swiss brand Vivi Nova has also created a drink that uses artificial intelligence at every stage.

vivi nova

This drink called Vivi Nova ChatGPT for its formula and Midjourney for branding elements. used.

to ChatGPT healthy vegan drink recipe In this journey that started by asking; product content, name, images, etc. It is stated that it uses artificial intelligence for every step.

American brand Night Shift Brewing also produced a beer using artificial intelligence.


Night Shift Brewing must have been under the fascinating influence of artificial intelligence, so they came up with the recipe for the new beer they would produce. to ChatGPT They consulted.

New formula created with the help of ChatGPT AI-PA They launched it under the name .

In this content, we have compiled the steps taken by food brands that do not want to stay away from new trends in order not to be left behind by the artificial intelligence craze. What are you thinking? How do you think the attempts of brands from our country to adapt to artificial intelligence have been?

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