Intel CEO Is Open to Producing Chips for AMD

While answering questions at the company’s IFS Direct Connect conference, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger stated that they could also produce chips for AMD.

Intel, announced that it is open to producing chips using its own processor nodes for any company that wants to work together. Among these companies, among the technology giant’s biggest competitors AMD is also included. This means we could see some very interesting competition in the future.

Intel infrastructure for everyone

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger According to its statements, Intel Foundry will not only allow other companies to produce chips using its own Intel processor nodes, but also to use its own copyrighted brands and different technologies. In the company’s competition with its rivals, against companies equipped with their own technology Of course, it is a matter of curiosity how it will perform. It should be taken into consideration that there may be companies that can design better products using Intel chips.

Gelsinger in his statements “Intel now uses processor nodes will offer it to some of its competitors and there may be situations where your product teams must compete with competitors enabled by the jewel in your crown.” he said. He did not answer more detailed questions on the subject, but Intel Foundry He stated that it would become a separate organization.

Gelsinger stated that their aim is to fill the factories and fill the market with as many products as possible. Nvidia, Qualcomm, Google, Microsoft and even their biggest rivals in recent times with AMD He stated that they could work. Stu Pann, the head of Intel Foundry, also introduced ARM as their most important customer and invited the ARM CEO to the stage.

Intel in the coming period to TMSC It aims to take back the leadership in the processor node market that it lost.


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