Instagram is developing an app to rival Twitter!

As you know, rumors have been circulating for a while that Instagram is working on a new social media platform. There have been some recent developments regarding these rumors about the establishment of a new text-based platform to rival Twitter. With the new details about the platform, the scope and structure of the project gained a more prominent dimension. Here are the details

The application developed by Instagram can solve problems on Twitter!

New information leaked online, shared by Chris Cox, product manager at Meta, during an internal meeting, shows that the new Twitter competitor under development has a similar interface to Instagram. It is estimated that the new application, codenamed “Project 92”, will likely be a standalone application and may surface at the end of the month. It is among the details that are curious whether the application, which shows that it will rival Twitter with like and sharing buttons, community functions and some other typical features, will include Twitter users.

The fact that the application developed by Instagram works with the logic of “single account” was appreciated for its practicality in use. In addition, Cox’s statements are expected to make a difference in these areas, as he refers to information pollution and abuses on Twitter.

Weird Instagram censorship: Some emojis will be unavailable!

Weird Instagram censorship: Some emojis will be unavailable!

Emoji censorship is coming to the Instagram platform! What does this practice, which is called a strange censorship, aim? Here are the details…

Twitter continues to lose its old popularity and decrease its share values ​​lately. It is clear that Instagram is trying to find solutions to existing problems and attract Twitter users by taking advantage of this gap. We will continue to convey the developments regarding the project.

So, what do you guys think about this issue? Do you think Instagram will be able to turn the opportunity into profit? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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