Instagram app is not coming to iPad devices for a while!

2021 when we come to the year iPad still a device Instagram application is not included. Therefore, users experience substandard web. In this weekend’s question and answer session Instagram CEO‘That Adam Mosseri made various statements. During the conversation, he pointed to the continuing lack of the iPad app.

Instagram will soon let you dominate your homepage!

Instagram has started testing the favorite people feature in its new update. The feature, which is still very new, has already created excitement.

Instagram app on iPad device is not on the agenda yet

Mosseri, during the question and answer session “Where is the iPad app of the Instagram platform?He got a question like “. The CEO replied:

“I spent some time on the iPad device as I was in flight, but there is still no Instagram app. It would be nice to do this, but there is much more to be done. So we’re not thinking about it anytime soon.”

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri


At this point Adam Mosseri, for a while Instagram of the app iPadHe confirmed that he would not come. This has become one of the most requested statuses for the social network. In fact, it is so old that it goes back to pre-Facebook times.

Facebook, iPad It offers above average performance. The company has two apps on the device: Facebook and Messenger. Instagram There are also two apps on the side. However, these are mostly side programs. Hyperlapse and boomerang is happening. What’s missing right now is the platform’s main app.

iPad left out of web browser post sharing option

Instagram announced earlier this year that users can now share posts on the web. However, despite having a desktop browser iPad out of this scope. At this point PC and Match While you can share from your devices, you cannot do it via iPad.

NSPadOS 15 albeit a bit of a change that comes with Instagrammakes it easy to use. Only with operating system iPhone Applications can run in landscape mode. Thus, the enlarged application maintains its vertical layout when rotated.

You iPad on your device Instagram How do you find it doesn’t have an app? Do not forget to let us know your ideas in the comments section!