Imprisoned Founder’s Twitter Post Sent Altcoin Price Up by 40 Percent!

Three Arrows Capital (3AC) founder Su Zhu’s “good morning” message triggered an altcoin rise of up to 50%.

He was arrested at Singapore airport while trying to leave the country in September and 4 months imprisonment sentenced 3AC founder Su Zhu OPNX’s native token after posting months later Open Exchange Token (OX) got excited.

Su, on December 1, “Good morningA simple “ which is short for “GM” by posting, saying that he was arrested at Singapore’s Changi Airport while trying to leave the country. from September 29 He made his first post since then.

According to CoinGecko data, Su’s X from sharing OX in the next 20 minutes is approximately 43% with increase $0.0148 It rose from the level to 0.0213 dollars. OX during writing from $0.0173 is being traded.

According to the data transmitted by the on-chain analysis platform Lookonchain, a whale wallet named “0x12d”, which saw the post in question as a buying opportunity, immediately saw the post. 2.34 million OX for buy 35 thousand dollars spent it and after a few minutes to $47,413 sold. Whale made a profit of $12,413 within minutes.

OPNX, short for Open Exchange, is a platform that allows the buying and selling of creditor claims from bankrupt crypto companies. Founders of 3AC Su Zhu And Kyle DaviesShortly after FTX went bankrupt, he founded the cryptocurrency exchange Open Exchange.

“associated with Su Zhu”suzhu.ethwallet marked ” on 29 November He took action and attracted attention with his altcoin transactions.

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