Important Warning from EPGİS: Fuel Stations May Be Closed

EPGİS stated that fuel stations are in a difficult situation. According to the union, fuel stations face the risk of closure unless something is done. So, What is the problem?

Energy Oil Gas Supply Stations Employers’ Union (EPGIS) made an important statement that concerns all citizens who own vehicles. The union stated that fuel stations are in a very difficult situation and that citizens will soon they can see closed stations explained. So why did the fuel industry fall into such a situation? What’s going on?

According to EPGİS’s claim, banks have virtually become partners of fuel stations. This is because fuel purchases are generally credit card The fact that it is done with. We have readers who remember; “I always buy 100 lira.During the “period of 2018, a liter of gasoline was between 4-5 TL and you could travel hundreds of kilometers with 100 TL of gasoline. Now, only 2.5 – 3 liters of gasoline can be purchased for 100 TL and it is not even possible to travel 100 kilometers with it. According to EPGIS, this situation is due to fuel consumption. stations on the brink of closure brought.

“Profit margin is 1.3 percent”

Profit margin of fuel stations according to posts on EPGİS’s official social media accounts, decreased to 1.3 percent. Explaining that all expenses must be covered with this rate, EPGİS says that the sustainability situation is eliminated. According to the statement of EPGİS, the stations income expense distribution Like this:

  • Gross profit margin: 8.6%
  • Gross profit margin remaining to the dealer: 4.3%
  • Bank POS commission rate: 3%
  • Net profit margin remaining to the dealer: 1.3%

There are 3 options according to EPGIS

EPGIS says that there are 3 options for fuel stations to get out of their current situation. These options; increasing gross profit margin (directly increases fuel prices), rearrangement of POS commission rates or closing of stations

EPGİS’s post on X:

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