Important Statement from the Minister of Commerce on E-Commerce

Trade Minister Mehmet Muş announced that there are too many complaints in e-commerce, and that they are working on a new regulation based on these complaints. Muş also responded to the criticism of inspections in the markets.

With the effect of the coronavirus, the volume of e-commerce has increased exponentially in Turkey as well as in the rest of the world. With this increase, while the number of users increased, the load on e-commerce sites naturally rose to higher levels. Answering the criticisms and questions of the Competition Authority, Halal Accreditation Authority and the Ministry of Commerce in the 2022 budget negotiations today, Minister of Trade Mehmet Muş, lots of complaints explained.

Emphasizing that it is important for e-commerce to be regulated, Minister Mus said that they want an ecosystem that will allow ‘new players’ to enter in this field. The reviews received like they sell too many products and commission rates He said that in many areas. Evaluating each of the complaints that they want to make an arrangement and study suitable for it He also stated that they can make a request to the Assembly in line with their needs.

Control in the markets does not mean that prices will fall:

Muş also responded to criticisms about market inspections. Minister, that prices will not decrease by controllingHe said that the inspection was carried out so that the Ministry would intervene if there was anything inconsistent with the supply-demand balance. He stated that an example of this is that, one of the complaints about weights and labels, another price is encountered at the checkout for the product called 10 lira on the label.


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‘Parallel vehicle imports’ to avoid paying taxes:

Minister Muş, brought from abroad and used some methods to circumvent the tax.parallel vehicle importHe also made some statements about ‘. Mainly, the entry is made through Yeşilköy customs, here, the imports made and the companies that make it. have viewed all explained. He said that their aim is to ensure that both the accessory features and the price determination of the incoming vehicle are fully determined and to determine the customs tax accordingly.

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