Important iMessage support is coming to Android phones!

Google has taken action to increase compatibility between the RCS-supported Messages app and iMessage. When messaging someone using an iPhone from your Android phone, “… liked your message” You’ve encountered feedback in style. This notification shows that the other person reacts to your message with the ‘reactions’ feature in iMessage.

But since Android does not support these reactions, it shows you in the form of a text message. Especially in group messaging. repeatedly receiving a response message Google has dealt with this problem that bothers users. iMessage reactions will now be supported in the Messages application developed by the company.

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Google Messages will turn iMessage reactions into emojis

The 9to5Google team revealed the update developed for Google Messages with screenshots. In the new version of the application “ios_reaction_classification” code detected. Also in the description “Show ‌iPhone‌ reactions as emoji” expression was found.

Thanks to the feature, which is stated to be introduced gradually, iMessage reactions coming to the Messages application on Android phones are directly in the form of “emoji” will be reflected to the user. It will not appear as annoyingly written as before.

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