IKEA’s Application to Design Your Home with Artificial Intelligence

IKEA’s design application using artificial intelligence, IKEA Kreativ, was launched. Thanks to the application, users will be able to see how they will look in their homes without buying IKEA products.

IKEA, the Netherlands-based furniture and accessories company, is proud of the quality and “Assemble the product you bought yourselfA brand known for its ” philosophy. The company announced in the past months that Elon Musk’s company Tesla will rival and start selling solar panels. had announced.

The company has previously introduced IKEA Place With its application called, it allowed you to see the most popular products of the brand inside your home using AR. However, IKEA kept up with the development of technology and presented its new and advanced artificial intelligence application to its users.

IKEA Kreativ is powered by artificial intelligence

Originally made available in the US IKEA Creative The application, called IKEA, allows you to redesign your home using products from IKEA’s stocks, using artificial intelligence. Apart from seeing the products in real size, the application allows dozens of changes, including paint, parquet and lighting. allows you to do it in a virtual environment.

The app also scans and scans other products at users’ homes, as well as products from Amazon, Wayfair, and other stores. search in the system and allows it to be used.


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It has been announced that the application, which is currently used only in the USA, will be available in Europe in the coming days. Also, IKEA Kreativ is currently only available on iPhones and iPads with Lidar sensors. Authorities said the app will launch this summer. Coming to Android devices too explained.

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