IGA’s move that relieves Istanbul Airport passengers

Opened on October 29, 2018 Istanbul Airportcontinues to meet with modern technologies. İGA managed by and has just begun to emerge from the effect of the new pandemic. ISThas started to work to host millions of passengers again.

Using the space during the pandemic period to increase passenger comfort, the operating company did not neglect to make infrastructural changes. A small change in security measures especially at the entrances and exits. İGA, has managed to solve one of the problems that has infuriated travelers for years.

The money Facebook spends on security measures is astonishing

The money that social media giant Facebook has spent on security measures since 2016 is almost astonishing.

İGA relieved passengers flying from Istanbul Airport

As you know, security is one of the most important things for airports. For this reason, the security measures at the entrance and exit are quite high. Especially laptop and tablet This infuriates the owners. X ray It caused the devices to be checked by removing them from the bag or trunk immediately after the transition from the device. However İGAhas decided to eliminate it with the developing technology.

A new generation for Istanbul Airport X ray The company, which bought the devices, eliminated the need to take the computer and tablet out of your bag while going through security. Thus, users who have limited time and are late for their flight do not have to worry about wasting time while going through security.

Limited number yet X ray device, unfortunately, is not available at every point of the airport. However, it is expected that their number will increase in a short time and will facilitate the work of passengers.

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