İBB announced: Free internet in all Istanbul metro!

After the terrorist attacks abroad in the past years, many countries have decided to cut off the internet connection in the subways. Of course, most of them introduced the Wi-Fi service again after a while. In our country, this decision remained valid until last year. However, in October, IMM took a step forward and tested the free internet service in the Istanbul metro (only the M2 line).

Free internet service started in all Istanbul metro

The free internet service currently offered in the Istanbul metro covers all closed lines. In tram-like expeditions, citizens can provide this connection through their own operators, since public transportation vehicles go over the ground anyway.

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After a long time, the arrival of free internet support in the Istanbul metro was highly appreciated by the users. Because today, many people – especially in the pandemic, we have seen the effects of this better – work remotely. However, we can say that the difficulty of these journeys, which can take hours and cause us to disconnect from life, will be greatly reduced, even if it is not for work.

Free internet in Istanbul metro

In the statement made on the subject, Özgür Soy from Metro A.Ş said:

With these applications we have implemented, we aim to make the time spent by our passengers in the metro areas enjoyable and increase their satisfaction by providing uninterrupted communication.

When you go to the wireless network connection settings on your smartphone, the IMM’s Wi-Fi network will appear. All you have to do here is to register for once from the login page opened on the browser and log in by typing the incoming SMS.

You can watch the video in which we tested the service offered, from the link below.


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