HSV – Sandhausen 2: 1: Elferpunkt Trampler flies! Crazy last minute win of the HSV – Bundesliga

What a crazy game!

Against Sandhausen, HSV professional Moritz Heyer (26) scored the 2-1 winner in the 96th minute in the second division’s game on Saturday evening in front of 20,000 fans. Then there is also red for Sandhausen goalkeeping coach Daniel Ischdonat (45) because of complaining.

The curious final phase of a curious game!

The HSV at the permanent handle – and on the initiative of President Marcell Jansen (35) with mourning ribbon for cult fan “Ossi-Maik”. The long-time host of the HSV restaurant “Sportpub Tankstelle” on the Reeperbahn died of lung cancer at the beginning of September at the age of 53.

Biggest chance in the 1st half: HSV striker Manuel Wintzheimer (22) is sent over the steep right, but does it himself, instead of laying across the bullet-proof smock – and shoots Sandhausen keeper Drewes.

Then the 71st minute: Sonny Kittel (28) heads to the ball in the penalty area and is kicked in the face by Sandhausen’s Erik Zenga (28). Referee Bastian Dankert (41) immediately points to the point.

Referee Dankert shows Sandhausen’s Marcel Ritzmaier after the unfair yellow-red campaignPhoto: WITTERS

Sandhausen’s Ritzmeier then buttoned it up: he trampled the chalk markings. Dankert sees the unfair action and sends him to the shower with yellow and red. A little later, Kinsombi took the lead.

Sandhausen’s ex-HSV star Dennis Diekmeier (31) after the game on Sky: “Ritze also knows that he has to behave better. Because especially now with video evidence you can of course see every little thing. “

Then the late HSV shock: In the 88th minute, Bachmann meets to compensate for Sandhausen.

But Heyer still makes the first Hamburg home win in 111 days in the crazy final phases perfect.