HSV meeting: Dr. Thomas Wüstefeld questions the European Championship in Hamburg – 2nd Bundesliga

298 members in the Volkspark, 260 at home on the screen – they experienced an HSV meeting without elections, but with surprising moments.

Board member Dr. Thomas Wüstefeld (53). The announced for the current fiscal year 21/22 (until June 30th, 2022) “for the first time in ten years a balanced budget”.

In winter, the club had calculated a double-digit million minus. Reaching the semi-finals of the DFB Cup and being relegated to Hertha BSC (1:0, 0:2) ensured, among other things, an improved financial situation.

Wüstefeld: “We paid very close attention to the costs. Terminated by a variety of service providers.”

Regarding his first few months, the entrepreneur said: “The picture I had was not pretty. They were big rocks. Of course we have a shopping cart full of problems. We try to solve them.”

This also includes the ailing Volksparkstadion and the Uefa requirements for the EM 2024. Ex-Supporters boss Timo Horn asked if the games in Hamburg were secured.

Wüstefeld answered surprisingly and opened up new space for speculation: “I can’t answer it definitively.” And afterwards: “We will do everything we can for it.” On Friday, Uefa employees will come to Hamburg for talks with the city and the club.

Apparently, Wüstefeld wants to try to negotiate down Uefa’s list of requirements. “We will hold talks as to whether one or the other trade can be dispensed with.”

There was a lot of headwind for the new partnership with the mineral oil company Shell.

In addition, Supporters boss Sven Freese criticized: “We have the feeling that anyone who wants to buy shares in Kühne will also get a position on the supervisory board. That cannot be the goal.”

That’s how Wüstefeld came to the club. This could now also be the case for financial investor Detlef Dinsel.

Wüstefeld defended himself. He did not do any investor activity: “Our auditors said, take your distance and get out.” Because the club was too ailing…

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