HP sponsors Formula 1’s most established team!

Ferrari is set to announce Hewlett Packard (HP) as the new title sponsor for its Formula 1 team. This agreement gives Ferrari Ahead of the 2025 season will provide significant financial support. The addition of HP as title sponsor will help Ferrari increase its competitiveness and the deal will bring new sponsor revenues to the team. Here are the details…

The financial resources that Ferrari will obtain with this agreement will benefit the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton’s salary will help welcome you. Lewis Hamilton will replace Carlos Sainz in the 2025 season. Driver salaries in Formula 1to the cost ceiling Since it is not included, it allows teams to invest in star drivers without a spending limit.

HP since controversial title sponsorship deal with Philip Morris International (PMI) ending in 2021 Ferrari’s first title sponsor will be. Ferrari has had a long-standing relationship with PMI’s Mission Winnow initiative, but that deal has sparked controversy over the tobacco advertising ban. Therefore, the arrival of HP as title sponsor will support Ferrari’s effort to clean up its brand image and take a different direction.

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HP’s expertise in technology and hardware will help Ferrari compete in the technology-focused Formula 1 ecosystem. This agreement also demonstrates HP’s interest in premium sports sponsorships. HP was Real Madrid’s first t-shirt sleeve sponsor and will now support Ferrari with a similar model.

This new agreement supports Ferrari’s racing performance and technological development, while also providing an important brand awareness opportunity for HP. In Formula 1, title sponsorship deals are critical for teams to offset costs and increase competitiveness. Therefore, this new sponsorship agreement of Ferrari provides a competitive advantage to the team and creates a prestigious brand position for HP.

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