How to Spot the Next Big Crypto Before It Bounces?

As expectations for Bitcoin’s fourth halving grow, experts point to potential opportunities to spot the next influential cryptocurrency. Understanding the implications of this event halving Bitcoin mining rewards could be crucial in determining which digital asset could witness explosive growth next, underlining the importance of our article on spotting promising crypto startups.

BlastUP pre-sale: Rising star ready to continue the blasting revolution

Blast, the only layer 2 blockchain that provides native yield for ETH and stablecoins, recently made a splash in the crypto world with its stunning launch in just a month. to a staggering TVL of $1 billion reached. After the great launch, a new major project based on this blockchain comes onto the scene: BlastUP.

BlastUP is a groundbreaking launchpad that is ready to follow Blast’s path to great success, planning to leverage Web3 tools with AI innovation for fast and quality startup launches. A comprehensive suite of tools and equipment for everyone on board a rich reward system presents.

It is currently conducting BlastUP pre-sale and offering BlastUP tokens at the lowest price. If you buy these tokens now at $0.04, you will receive them in the future as the list price is set at $0.1. A huge discount of 60% you will get it.

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BlastUP token holders receive special allocations for token sales, participation in IDOs loyalty rewards And ability to earn interest through staking including from a series of privileges They can benefit.

Following a simple mission to help blockchain startups grow faster and earn more, BlastUP is on its way to becoming a dominant force. The special person behind the project from crypto enthusiasts The team is deeply committed to their vision and is committed to an easy and effective explosion in the crypto space. one of a kind They have ambitious plans to become a launchpad.

BlastUP’s comprehensive roadmap extends to 2026 and outlines plans to launch an AI IDO splitter, develop AI tools specifically designed for startup teams, and establish the Community Marketplace.

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Jupiter (JUP) analysis: With market neutrality comes possible volatility

Jupiter (JUP) is currently trading at $0.49 and is below the 10-day Simple Moving Average of $0.51. While volatility is likely in the short term, the market is showing signs of neutrality according to the RSI. A rapid change in market dynamics, possibly driven by foreign news, could facilitate a break above the $1.01 resistance level or even push it to $1.36.

On the other hand, there is a possibility of downward pressure if the market cannot maintain its current momentum. A drop below the current price could cause JUP to test the support level at $0.17. Significant price fluctuations may occur in response to market news, which may lead to adjustments to trading strategies. In any case, the vital importance of conducting thorough research before entering into the trade cannot be overstated.

Ondo Finance: Tokenized could break $0.48 resistance amid treasury integration

The integration of tokenized treasuries with Ondo Finance marks a truly significant development. Applying this information to the current market situation, Ondo is trading at $0.40, which is somewhat close to its immediate resistance. Considering the Neutral RSI and Buy recommendations from both the MACD and the 10-day SMA, we can foresee that Ondo aims to surpass the $0.48 resistance level with a positive trend supported by increased liquidity.

On the other hand, although Ondo is making progress with new integrations, it is very important to be careful. Market dynamics can change rapidly, and even with a strong market position there is inherent risk. If it fails to break the $0.48 resistance level or exhibit significant volatility, a drop to $0.35 can be foreseen. Moreover, a drop below this level could leave the price vulnerable to the $0.18 support levels, especially if market conditions turn unfavorable.

SEI’s Ethereum NFT offering could raise the price to $1

The current price of Sei is $0.80, just below its 10-day moving average of $0.90. SEI Omni Foundation’s latest proposal for a standard to regulate Ethereum NFTs could potentially push the price towards the $0.96 resistance level. If the market embraces this development, we could see SEi break the $1 price barrier; This is an optimistic outlook, supported by a support level at $0.45, providing protection against significant short-term price declines.

Alternatively, it is worth noting that despite the potential of the proposed standard, long-term risks remain. If the market reaction becomes less enthusiastic or other factors come into play, Sei’s price could head towards the 100-day simple moving average of $0.53. Market indicators such as MACD are predicting a sell-off and point to a possible precautionary perspective where we could see the price drop to the second support level at $0.25.

Arbitrum (ARB) Analysis: Despite the short-term bearish outlook, a long-term rise is possible

Arbitrum’s current price of $1.78 positions it close to the $1.37 support level, opening up the possibility of both reaching the $2.28 resistance level or falling lower. RSI and Stochastic RSI Fast’s neutral stance indicates potential balance in buying and selling pressure. However, the 100-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) provides a positive outlook, indicating a long-term uptrend.

But on the other side of the spectrum, the MACD argues for selling, underscoring the possible short-term bearish outlook. The 10-day SMA also reflects the same sentiment and points to a possible decline. Keeping in mind that the resistance level is at $2.80, an uptrend could face significant hurdles, adding some caution to expectations.


While other cryptocurrencies such as Jupiter, Ondo, Sei and Arbitrum are showing signs of potential growth, BlastUP clearly stands out. Its unique concept and inclusion in the powerful Blast ecosystem gives it a competitive advantage. The innovative AI-based launchpad offers a bright future for this remarkable project. But remember that all cryptocurrencies have relative benefits and risks, so a diversified investment approach is recommended. Only time will tell how high BlastUP will fly as it continues its upward path.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored content and press release, and what is written here does not reflect the views of the team. The high risk of loss should be taken into consideration in leveraged transactions and cryptocurrency investments, and extensive research should be done before investing in any platform. To be informed about the latest developments, follow us twitterin, Facebookin and InstagramFollow on and Telegram And YouTube Join our channel!

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