How Tesla Cars Separate People from Objects

New images have been published from the automatic classification feature that shows how Tesla vehicles see the world. With this feature, it is planned to offer a safer driving experience in the autopilot system.

The company of Elon Musk, the richest person in the world Tesla; because it equips all its cars with sensors and collects data with a fleet of more than one million vehicles currently, autopilot It is seen as a leader in driving characteristics.

Tesla’s head of AI (artificial intelligence) detects objects around the vehicle to make the company’s autopilot system more reliable. automatic classification shared new images of the feature. This feature is expected to have a significant accelerating effect on the development of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta.

A huge team is working on the feature

Tesla’s autopilot team has been focusing on the ‘classification’ feature for a long time. Now, Tesla is trying to automate the classification feature in order to use the data collected by this fleet.

Information collected by the fleet according to the feature; such as vehicles, lanes, street signs classified by information. Thus, the feature offers safer driving by separating people from objects and ‘detecting’ objects.

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