How much does it cost to charge electric cars in Turkey?

electric cars continues to increase day by day around the world. Especially the fact that charging costs are affordable compared to cars with internal combustion engines and they are environmentally friendly make electric cars stand out all over the world.

In our country, this situation works a little differently. With the rise in electricity prices, electric cars cost advantage decreases, and the gap between the prices that users will pay for gasoline and diesel is getting smaller and smaller.

Renault will only sell electric cars! Here is that date

French automaker Renault has announced that it will only sell electric cars from 2030.

The cost of charging electric cars

Electric car charging costs in our country increased as of 31 December. After the hikes in the new year due to the increase in the dollar exchange rate and other reasons, electric cars charging costs almost double It increased. With this situation, the charging cost advantage of electric cars compared to cars with internal combustion engines decreased.

You can find the electricity filling tariffs applied last year and this year in the table below.

AC Type 2 Sockets

Average Power Old Price (2021) New Price (2022)
0 – 7.4 kW 0.25 TL/min 0.55 TL/min
7.4 – 11 kW 0.38 TL/min 0.85 TL/min
11 kW and above 0.51 TL/min 1.15 TL/min

DC, CCS and CHAdeMO Sockets

Average Power Old Price (2021) New Price (2022)
0 – 50 kW 1.17 TL/min 3.9 TL/min
50 – 90 kW 2.6 TL/min 5.9 TL/min
90 kW and above 3.5 TL/min 7.9 TL/min

When we look at the tariffs, you can charge your Tesla Model 3, which you owned last year, to 80%. 72 TL You had to pay. With the new regulation, this price 177 TLrose to . Another example is the Hyundai Kona. Kona is among the most suitable models among electric cars and offers its users 480 km range offers.

To be able to charge Kona 80% last year 114 TL You had to pay. This figure, together with the 260 TLrose to . To fill the tank of the gasoline version of the Hyundai Kona to 80%, with today’s conditions, approximately 540 TL You have to give. To completely fill the vehicle’s tank, it takes approx. 670 TL You have to give. But range is changing that.

When we calculate by range, the electric Hyundai Kona is about 80% charged. 400 km it’s on its way. However, the gasoline Hyundai Kona, with its 80% full gas tank, is approximately 800 km offers range. In order to travel 800 km in electric, you have to pay 520 TL and 540 TL in gasoline. When we look at the prices, there is approximately between the cost of the two vehicles. 20 TL there is difference.

These prices are valid for refills made from charging stations. You can also charge electric cars from your home or office. The price of electricity coming from the city grid is more affordable than the stations. In this way, at home 80% You can charge your car by paying less. In this way, the cost advantage of electric cars emerges and there are big differences between them.

So, what are your thoughts? What do you think about the charging costs of electric cars in our country? Do not forget to leave your comments and opinions below.

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