How much are intern salaries at tech giants?

Shaping the technology that is our future is not an easy task. Especially in big companies such as Amazon and Apple, the tempo can tire the employees. The workload and due care in companies that we can count as the giants of technology, high salaries provides. Alright at the bottom of the companies Have you ever wondered how much salary interns who are at these tech giants get? We searched for the answers for you.

Apple’s leading technologies leading the market

Since its inception in 1976, Apple has pioneered technological developments in many areas. So what technologies do we owe to Apple?

Intern salaries at tech giants

To clarify our definition; interns aren’t always the ones who do the least amount of work. In some cases, even the mostbearer they can be too. However, they themselves lowest tier among its employees. So, you may wonder how much salary giant companies pay for the lowest tier. If you wish, let’s start the list with Google, which is also known for the satisfaction of its interns.

Google – $5,678

Google’s trainee program for US students $5,678 salary is known. Yearly when we look at the amount $68,136 We see that the payment has been made.

Apple – $6,700

According to the same source, who also quoted Google’s salary, Apple gave its interns $6,700 per month it pays. Yearly as if $80,400 We see that the payment has been made.

Microsoft – $7,366

Microsoft, where we use many of its services and products every day, $7,366 per month is paying. If annual $88,392 amount of salary is paid.

Amazon – $7,954

trainee salaries

an intern at Amazon monthly He earns $7,954, which means a deposit into the intern’s bank account. $95,448 per year is deposited.

LinkedIn – $8.009

trainee salaries

Having an important place in the business world, LinkedIn has not deprived its interns of a good salary. $8.009 per month paid interns, when we look at the year in general $96,108 gets paid.

Facebook – $8,023

trainee salaries

Do not forget to take into account not only the blue site, but also Instagram and WhatsApp. Although we hear from time to time that interns do busy work at Facebook, one of the most powerful companies on the internet, as far as we know, interns are 8,023 dollars is getting paid. If annual $96,276 goes into their accounts.

Salary data do not come from official sources and amounts may change over time or based on work done. However, the variable amounts will also be close to the salaries we mentioned. If you had the opportunity to work in one of these companies, which would you choose?