How is vehicle inspection done? What steps are followed during construction?

The vehicle inspection system aims to minimize the threats to pedestrian and passenger safety of vehicles on the road. It checks whether the technical equipment of the vehicles is sufficient for the journey. Every vehicle on the road must be inspected by law. So how is a vehicle inspection done? We have compiled for you.

Application that monitors vehicle maintenance

Keeping track of vehicle maintenance is a job that requires order. Researchers have developed an application that monitors vehicle maintenance. It is now very easy to follow vehicle maintenance.

How long does a vehicle inspection take?

Although the inspection periods differ according to the type of vehicles, it must be done at certain times. Cars are checked every 2 years. Tractors are made every 3 years, while trailers and the like should be inspected every 3 years. It is compulsory every year for all commercial vehicles in the license. For 2- and 3-wheeled vehicles, the first inspection after the traffic exit should be done after 3 years, and the following inspections should be done every 2 years.

Some conditions to be considered before entering the vehicle inspection

In order for the vehicle to be inspected not to have any problems, there are some issues to be considered beforehand. First of all, the intermediary should not have penalties or debts. One of the prerequisites is that the driver has car insurance before the inspection.

Warning triangle, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, exhaust emission stamp must be in the vehicle. If the vehicle is LPG powered, make sure that it is registered in the license. Minibuses and buses must have emergency exit signs and adequate emergency exits. Taillights for tractor and truck must be properly installed. It is necessary to bring the vehicle’s license during the inspection.

How is vehicle inspection done?

Vehicle inspection is carried out by TÜVTÜRK in Turkey. To get an inspection, an appointment must be made at Being there a little before the appointment time for the license check allows you to get things done faster.

During the inspection, there are tire control, axle control, lighting systems control and vehicle interior control. A report is generated as a result of the controls lasting between 15 minutes and half an hour. If the result of the report is negative, an additional month is granted to fix the detected problems. At the end of this period, if the vehicle does not pass the inspection again, it is necessary to pay the fee again. You can also review the required documents and documents on TÜVTÜRK’s own website.

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