How attractive is the Dax for investors at the moment?

The leading German index has slipped repeatedly since the beginning of the year. This is due to rising prices and interest rates and pessimistic economic forecasts. These circumstances have ensured that the Dax has moved further and further away from its high of over 16,000 points in December 2021. Since the beginning of the year, there has been a price loss of around ten percent.

In the course of the year, however, the minus was much larger. At times it was more than 26 percent. In the past four weeks, the Dax has recovered again. The price rose by about 15 percent. But is this just another short-term bear market rally? Or can stockbrokers hope for a sustainable recovery?

In the Handelsblatt Today podcast, Handelsblatt financial market specialist Ulf Sommer talks to host Lena Jesberg about the evaluation of the most important German index. Despite the recent upswing, it is still significantly undervalued. Only at 19,000 points can one speak of an average rating. But before investors buy more cheaply, they should know the risks.

Also: The European Central Bank is currently working on where its own financial system is most vulnerable. Jan Mallien, monetary policy correspondent for the Handelsblatt, speaks in the podcast about the ECB’s current Financial Stability Report. In it, the central bank highlights four risks in particular.

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