Hot newcomer to “Love Island” – Kendra only wants one thing: to touch! Touch! Touch! – TV

This “grenade” hit like a bomb!

Newcomer Kendra (21) caused a real hormone escalation among the single men on “Love Island”. Even at her debut, the student had no reservations and flirted nonstop. The pretty latecomer’s motto: “Touch it! Touch! Touch!”

Their appearance in the early morning literally woke the residents out of their sleep. In addition to being in a good mood, Kendra also had fresh coffee in her luggage. The boys were wide awake right away. Your greeting was tough. With a broad grin, she called out to the surprised Islanders: “I am the grenade and come to blow up the villa!”

She liked what Kendra saw. “There is a lot of choice here,” said the Ludwigsburg enthusiast. She immediately caught fire with fitness trainer Dennis. “I love curls!” The “grenade” also impressed his job. “Would you train me?”, She started her flirting offensive and stroked his arm.

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Then Kendra Womanizer Jannik (26) targeted. Without hesitating, she sat down on his lap at the bar. The tram driver whispered happily to her: “I absolutely love that.” He was very enthusiastic about his new roommate. “Kendra is very self-confident, open and direct.” But the physical contact was not exclusive.

The otherwise quiet Dominik (25) was also able to look forward to a lot of closeness. In a cozy corner, Kendra suddenly put her head on his shoulder. From a distance, Jannik’s goings-on was watched suspiciously. Jealousy seized him. “If she had only done that to me, I would have thought that was cool. But so … “, the man from Cologne was annoyed.

He really wanted to warn his buddy. In a one-on-one conversation with Dominik, Jannik told him: “With the new one, everything was a bit too much for me at the beginning. She did this little thing with you and with Dennis. ”For Dominik, the dream of finding the right one on the island fell through.

On the other hand, Dennis can continue to have hopes. Kendra chose him for a one-on-one date in the pool that evening. It crackled tremendously. During the deep talk on the air mattress, the two quickly came closer. She even stroked his knee. The sports-loving Islander raved: “Kendra is an interesting woman. We also talked very well with each other. “

Maybe it will soon become more …