Hong Kong Announces: Only This Group Will Allow Cryptocurrencies

Hong Kong, which has given the green light for retail investors to trade cryptocurrencies, plans to limit these investments to highly liquid cryptocurrencies only.

Julia Fung-Yee, Chairman of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), reports a local agency. January 11 on at the Asian Finance Forum In his speech, he said that the new licensing regime in the scope of individual users Only to high liquidity He stated that he will be allowed access to cryptocurrencies with holders.

The President also available quarter of individual investors cryptocurrency investments in order to do product and to the conditions as well as a guide on digital asset service providers (VASP) also expected for to the requirements about a consultation document announced that it will be published.

Some VASPs 2,000from lists many entities, but these are only part of Emphasizing that it has high liquidity, Fung-Yee Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) If there is a question about whether to allow investment important of the criterion high liquidity He replied that he was.

on the other hand VASP regulations Referring to the President, all investors protect your interests and Hong Kong digital asset center He stated that they aim to have an appropriate regulatory framework to develop Fung Yee, FTX bankruptcy In a market with the appropriate regulatory framework, this is a slump. won’t be suggested:

There will be no FTX type crash in Hong Kong

Cryptocurrency investments have been with professional traders for a long time. bordering Hong Kong, In recent months, individual investors have also been able to trade cryptocurrencies. to allow had said he was ready.

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