Here is the List of Big Events to Happen Soon in Bitcoin and Altcoins!

Analyst Karl0x, in his statement bitcoin and altcoin listed the important events that will occur in the upcoming period in the sector.

Analyst Shared List of Important Events to Experience in Bitcoin and Altcoins

Here is the analyst’s compilation:

  • Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSD) season: LDO, RPL, FXS, SWISE, FIS, ANKR The main Liquid Staking Derivatives are and I anticipate this will maintain its current momentum as we get closer to the Shanghai update.

  • FXS is in an interesting spot as it offers the highest APY of all LSDs due to Frax’s large CVX presence and incentives of frxETH curve pools, so I expect it to increase its market share a lot as it is the most attractive option.

  • While LDO is far ahead fundamentally and technologically, others will likely catch up once the profit rotation starts, so FXS and FIS are better positioned to catch it as they are both listed on Binance, while others mostly working on the chain.

  • BTRFLY, an over-collateralized stablecoin by LSDs $DINERO will put on the market.

  • DYDX The token will be unlocked on February 2 and 105% of the circulating supply will be distributed to investors and team members. To reduce selling pressure and frustrate early short sellers, the dYdX team is highly likely to release an announcement before unlocking.

  • DCG Assets: API3, HBAR, ZEC, FLOW, MANA. These tokens could be heavily impacted when DCG is forced to liquidate venture assets to raise cash as Genesis owes $3 billion to creditors, including $900 million to Gemini Earn.

  • CRV crv USD It has been confirmed by the team that the stablecoin launch will take place in January.

  • AAVE GHO stablecoin public testnet will be launched in January, confirmed to be a revenue sharing mechanism with AAVE stakers. Also V3 Ethereum will also be available on

  • ATOM cross-chain security will be a major update that will allow smaller chains to get the security of the cosmos hub in exchange for ATOM.

  • LTC The halving rally may have started, it will take place in August, but historically, the rally took place a few months ago.

  • The APE BAYC mint event will take place on January 18.

  • Artificial intelligence altcoins: FET, VITD, NMR, OCEAN, CTXC, PHB. After rumors of Microsoft investing $10 billion in openAI as well as massive chatGPT popularity, these events look like the metaverse bull run at the end of 2021.

  • KISS Bedrock will update the testnet on January 12 to lower gas prices and allow the use of zk proofs. These improvements could make Optimism stand out among other Tier 2 solutions in 2023.

  • UNI, Starknet Discussions are ongoing to implement a toll switch pilot alongside Uniswap v3. However, the proposal does not mention the expectation of payment of fees to UNI holders, mainly due to regulatory concerns.

  • FLUX There will be a halving on February 4th.

  • METIS, AAVE v3 will be available on Metis Andromeda.

  • SKL, will integrate ZK into its structure.

  • FTM The gas fee monetization program will provide a new source of income to developers. Fantom also has the largest TVL/Market Cap ratio of L1 and its founder Andre Cronje has returned to Fantom after a long time.

*Not investment advice.

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