Here Are 20 Altcoins That Are Flying Off The Board And Seeing The Bottoms Today!

Cryptocurrency market is on a slightly green course We are discussing the 10 most rising and falling altcoin projects across the market. Here are the details…

Top 10 rising altcoins

Before moving on to the top altcoin projects across the market, it’s worth mentioning that most of them are newly launched altcoins and there is always a risk of seeing a pullback as quickly as their rise. After stating that every investor should invest in line with their own research, we can say that the most rising altcoin is Megatech (MGT), which has risen 1.214 percent. In second place is Dogelana (DGLN), which advertises itself as “the fastest DOGE in the world” with a rise of 445 percent.

These are followed by NDN Link (NDN) with 383 percent and H3RO3S (H3RO3S) with 371 percent. H3RO3S announced that it will include 100 lucky people in the beta testing phase for the play-to-earn application. Then, MiniTesla (MINITESLA), which announced that it exceeded 4,000 in terms of the number of investors, rose 289 percent. MINITESLA is followed by OBRok Token (OBROK) with 238 percent and Platypus Finance (PTP) with 219 percent. Platypus Finance reported that they have passed $300 million in total locked value in the network and the beta launch of the network has taken place.

Finally, LaserEyes (LSR) rose 199 percent, Summit Defi (SUMMIT) rose 157 percent, and Dragon Crypto Aurum (DCAU) rose 149 percent. LSR reported that it was recently listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

Altcoins with the most drops

Not everything can be fun in the cryptocurrency space. Some altcoins can wipe out almost all of their value in a day. The first of these was Glow (GLOW). The cryptocurrency lost 96.37 percent. Glow is announcing that it is currently in the V2 pre-sale phase. The second most depreciating altcoin was NinjaFloki (NJF), which has been on the agenda with its rise throughout the week. NJF, a play-to-earn altcoin, lost around 94.8 percent.

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Third, Doge Raca (DOCA), another play-to-earn and metaverse token, was down 84.24 percent. DOCA seems to have lost value as it delayed the game launch that was due to take place yesterday. Many users on Twitter think that this coin is a scam and rug pull.

Fourth, PartyBoard (PAB) fell 80.28 percent. PAB was followed by Waterfall Finance (WATERFALL), with a 75.55% depreciation. WATERFALL was followed by Metaverse Future (METAF) with 74.53 percent, CryptoBay (BAY) with 70.62 percent, Crazy Rich Coin (CRC) with 59.15 percent, CATCOIN (CATS) with 57.92 percent and ChowDAO (CHOW) with 56.65%.

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