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Metaverse coin projects continue to be a very popular area for cryptocurrency investors. Bitcoin and Ethereum prices are falling. However, Metaverse continues to improve its crypto gaming products and expand their ecosystem. Therefore, analysts predict that the Metaverse space will attract more investors and users in the future. So which coins have earning potential?

Analyst’s Metaverse coin list

A cryptocurrency analyst has shared 5 Metaverse coins that investors should watch in the bear market. According to him, these altcoins have the potential to make big gains in a possible market recovery. we too cryptocoin.com We have compiled the analyst’s list for our curious readers.

Mines of Dalarnia (DAR)

Launched in November 2021, Mines of Dalarnia (DAR) is a Metaverse built on the Chromia Blockchain. It has a 2D platform game. In this game, players can convert their characters into cryptocurrency. Mines of Dalarnia includes a play-to-win model that allows users to earn significant rewards through gameplay. Chromia is one of the most popular games on the blockchain and is completely free to play. This Metaverse has a Metaverse coin asset on Ethereum and BSC. The cryptocurrency in question is DAR. DAR allows users to claim rewards, buy land, upgrade their character and interact with the MoD ecosystem. With a current market cap of $70 million, DAR is undervalued. For this reason, it is included in the analyst’s list for August.

Illuvium (ILV)

Released in March 2021, Illuvium (ILV) is a highly rated open world NFT creature collector built on the Ethereum blockchain. Accordingly, users can collect and capture god-like creatures called Illuvials. They do this in a 3D Metaverse. Each Illuvial is unique and contains a variety of attributes and abilities. It also integrates the Popular play-to-win model and NFTs into its ecosystem. Therefore, it is one of the most anticipated projects in 2022. The project has a metaverse coin asset called ILV. Users can earn additional rewards by staking and depositing their ILVs on the platform. Accordingly, over $300 million in assets have already been invested in the platform. The cryptocurrency on the Ethereum and Solana network is on the Metaverse coin list, which is expected to rise in the future.

Alien Worlds (TLM)

Released in April 2021, Alien Worlds (TLM) may upgrade in August 2022. Metaverse is one of the most popular Metaverse and NFT based games. It also has a robust community that plays and supports it. Alien Worlds is built on the WAX ​​blockchain and offers players a mostly passive earning experience. Accordingly, Metaverse includes two basic methods of earning rewards. Users can purchase a number of NFT tools to issue TLM tokens. However, they can stake TLM on the BNB chain. With a market capitalization of less than $80 million, the TLM value is well below what it should be. Therefore, the analyst says that we should watch this metaverse coin project in August.

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is one of the fastest growing Metaverses in the field. It is also one of the oldest platforms in the Metaverse revolution. Today Decentraland is a hot virtual real estate market with many global celebrities and brands. The decentralized blockchain platform is built on Ethereum. The analyst says Decentraland has the potential for growth if it achieves its development and marketing goals this year. MANA serves as the service token of the Decentraland ecosystem. Accordingly, the Metaverse coin is trading at a price below $0.75. That’s why the analyst says we are at the best time to buy parcels through Decentraland.

Metaverse coin Decentraland

Bloktopia (BLOCK)

Bloktopia is a virtual skyscraper that aims to be a hub for crypto information, immersive content and Web3 experiences. It consists of 21 levels in honor of the 21 million Bitcoin supply. However, the Blok token holders of the Bloktopia ecosystem are called Bloktopians. Blockchains can generate income from the platform through real estate ownership, advertising, gaming, networking and much more. The game set out to create a stunning Metaverse. For this, it uses advanced real-time 3D Rendering Engine and Blockchain technology. Bloktopia has multiple income streams. So users, real estate etc. You can earn passive income in many ways. That’s why the analyst includes BLOK in its list of top metaverse coin projects.

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