Has the Whale, who has been buying Altcoins every day for 2 months, given up hope: He can now become a seller!

The well-known whale stopped buying the altcoin that he collected continuously for 2 months.

Social media phenomenon and cryptocurrency whale known as Machi Big BrotherApecoin (APE) which has been continuing for 2 months stopped buying.

On-chain analytics platform Lookonchain made a statement on November 21. to share according to Machi Big Brother, From 2 August to 14 November up to total 6.08 million APEs worth $13 million He did not make any new purchases after his purchase.

lookonchain, $2.14 million worth 6 million BLURHe said that the whale who won the airdrop was not happy with the situation and still trusted Apecoin. Blur the other day 2nd airdrop had completed its distribution and the whales that received the airdrop were released within the day. worth millions of dollars existence to cryptocurrency exchanges He had transferred.

The average price of the whale is 2.13 dollars, although it is currently at a loss. sales transaction He didn’t. However, the whale stopped buying Rumors that he will move to the sales side brought it behind him.

According to CoinGecko data, in the last 24 hour period 2.5% gaining value APE, while writing from $1.47 is being traded.

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