Has NASA fixed the SLS problems, when is the Moon mission?

NASA Developed as the main launch vehicle of space exploration plans by Space Launch System (SLS), showing bigger problems before each launch test. NASA provided more details on the issues that led to the cancellation of the most recent April launch.

The US space agency made critical statements about the new Space Launch System rocket. The SLS, which has had three launch pad problems before, continues to be a burden on NASA’s limited budget. NASA’s wet dress rehearsal, which he described as “a troublemaker” problems are preventing fuel from loading into the rocket and launching the launch.

NASA’s spacecraft will crash into the giant asteroid to protect the Earth!

NASA launched the DART mission because of concerns about an asteroid hitting Earth. The first move within the scope of the project will be made soon.

NASA shared its first detailed report for SLS issues

NASA, Artemis I Moon mission He said that work on returning the SLS rocket to the launch pad is almost complete. Expressing that it detected the malfunctions in the launch tests, the agency said, second stage engine in the evacuation system He said he was having problems. There is no obstacle to the success of the new launch, as the defective parts are replaced.


NASA during the month of April Orion spacecraft and launch of SLS rocket performed some tests for The rehearsal included the full refueling of the rocket and the countdown to the moment the engines were fired. But in this process, fuel and helium supply to the rocket problems were detected.

According to the latest report, it was revealed that there were leaks when pumping both hydrogen and helium. Expressing that the rehearsal was stopped because of this, NASA finally confirmed that it had repaired the rocket.

Expressing that it provided hydrogen supply to the tanks in the first stage and changed a clogged engine valve in the helium discharge system in the second stage, the space agency said that there was a piece of rubber inside the valve from which it was unknown.


After all problems are solved at the end of May It was stated that the rocket will be taken to the launch pad once again. If all goes well the SLS rocket, in July As part of the Artemis I mission, it will take the Orion spacecraft to the Moon.

If the SLS and Orion launch goes smoothly, the astronauts will Artemis II and Artemis III missions will be sent to the Moon.

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