Harry Potter’s Dumbledore Passed Away

Michael Gambon, who played Albus Dumbledore, one of the popular characters of the Harry Potter series, passed away. Gambon was 82 years old…

There was a development that would upset Harry Potter fans the most. In the world famous series Albus Dumbledore It was announced that Michael Gambon, who played the character, passed away. Popular actor he was 82 years old

Michael Gambon, who has been living a quiet life for a while, last caught pneumonia and because of this he was hospitalized. The family of the famous actor announced in a statement today that Gambon had passed away. A note about the funeral ceremony of the master actor no statement made.

Although he was very popular with Albus Dumbledore, he took part in dozens of productions.

The most famous of the characters played by Michael Gambon was undoubtedly Albus Dumbledore. However for 50 years Gambon, who was in the industry, was also very popular with characters such as Jules Maigret and Philip Marlow. Let’s explain for those wondering: Michael Gambon, his career British National Theater Royal It started within.


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As Webtekno team, we offer our condolences to all Harry Potter fans…

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