Hakkı Alkan and Tolga Cem Küçükyılmaz are on Twitch tonight!

We regularly Twitch live stream We continue this week. January 26 at 21:00 We will meet you in our live broadcast that we will start. We also publish on Sundays to our weekly newsletter By subscribing, you can take a look at the news you missed in the field of science and technology.

Our new live broadcast starts tonight at 21:00

ShiftDelete.Net As a family, we continue to meet you with different concepts. Today on our official Twitch channel SDN Founder Hakkı Alkan and our Editor-in-Chief Tolga Cem Küçükyılmaz will be with you.

To reach ShiftDelete.Net Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/shiftdeletenet

Our Twitch live broadcasts, where we chat about technology and have a good time with our viewers by playing games, continue at full speed. We are waiting for you, our valued followers, to our live broadcasts that we plan to do every week.

In our live broadcasts, you can ask questions to our editor and production team and get information about the topics you are curious about. You can also make suggestions about the concepts you want to see in our live broadcasts.

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