Great Mobility in Cardano (ADA) Network: Number of Active Addresses Increased by 90 Percent

The number of daily active addresses in the Cardano (ADA) network, which ranks ninth in volume among cryptocurrencies, increased by around 90%.

According to on-chain data, despite all the setbacks on the Cardano network around 90% an increase was observed. The Cardano network is the number of authorized wallets in the network. 1.2 million addresses After reaching such an important stage as In terms of the number of active addresses, the recent broke the record.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinsona Twitter your post quoting “then the land of Cardano” and highlighted his project, referring to these days when the entire ecosystem is in a difficult situation.

According to reviewers One of the reasons for the increase in 24-hour address activity It may be a result of recent price drops and selling pressure. In such cases, the whales often engage in network activity by moving large amounts of cryptocurrencies from their cold and hot wallets to exchanges when they want to make a profit or limit their exposure to an asset. to local peaks they carry.

According to data provided by CoinGecko, the ADA price has been in the last week. 3.2% in decline $0.315 decreased to levels.

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