Gottschalk criticizes Chancellor Triell debate between Scholz, Laschet and Baerbock – domestic politics

Has Armin Laschet succeeded in putting a knockout punch? Did the big TV trio on ARD and ZDF bring about the turning point for Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet (60, CDU)? This was discussed hotly on Sunday evening in the BILD talk “The right questions”.

Star guest: TV legend Thomas Gottschalk (71), who made it clear right from the start how much he sees himself as a politically interested person and how much he cares about how the future of the country will be shaped.

However, his review was unflattering for ALL three candidates:

Gottschalk’s sobering résumé: “A relatively frightening moment for me because I noticed that after an hour – even as a politically interested person whose future is being negotiated – I realized after an hour: I am slowly fading out.”

Incomprehensible for Gottschalk: why Laschet did not want to commit himself whether he would also enter into an alliance as a junior partner.

Gottschalk: “We all know that there has to be a more or less colorful coalition. And I couldn’t understand his evasion. It’s the same: if I propose to a woman, then I have to know and be able to tell everyone what I’m planning. ”

Is it perhaps the case that Laschet does not want to commit himself because he reckons that there could be a grand coalition again after the election? This is the question raised by BILD TV boss Claus Strunz.

Gottschalk annoyed: Then at the end it would be said again, “obviously this is the wish of the citizens …”

Gottschalk’s bitter conclusion: “I did not experience the passion in any of these three people that I would like my future Chancellor to have.”

“I totally missed the emotions.” Instead, there was mainly “Chief Official Chinese” to be heard!

Gottschalk raved about CSU boss Markus Söder (54), whom many in the Union had wanted as a candidate for chancellor. “Söder can do emotion,” says Gottschalk. “Like Strauss and Co. back then, he takes people with him in their enthusiasm!”

Later other guests will be added to the group.

One of them: entrepreneur Georg Kofler, who makes no secret of his sympathy for liberal values ​​and is known for his outbursts in plain language. Kofler also tough: Laschet gave a speech with a clear edge in his speech at the CSU party congress on Saturday. BUT: “Today this energy didn’t come across like that. Unfortunately, because I want a black-yellow coalition. So I’m a little disappointed. “

“Weltwoche” editor-in-chief Roger Köppel (56) confirmed that Laschet had an “excellent” start to the triumph. “Olaf Scholz was on the ropes.” Köppel’s Laschet conclusion: “A strong start, but then it flattened out.”

Ex-government spokesman Bela Anda (58), on the other hand, praised the CDU boss: “Armin Laschet has done well.” There was criticism for the moderators: “Hectic inquiries through topics. Once across the garden and back again! “